Rehabilitation Center Project in Gharnata

The world is now calling for education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, regardless of the type and degree of their disability. All international charters and agreements have devoted sections to the rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities with the aim of integrating them into society and giving them equal opportunities for a decent life.

As schools provide education and training services in the State of Kuwait until the age of eighteen, after which opportunities to learn and rehabilitate persons with disabilities diminish because there are no programs suitable for this age and in recognition of magnitude of the problem facing young people, the Society has allocated for them a section for vocational rehabilitation in each of the Jahra and Ahmadi Centers. Each of the two Educational Centers provides some rehabilitation services, including furniture upholstery, ceramic works, candles and chocolate making, sewing curtains, bed sets and bedspreads. Students' works were shown at vocational rehabilitation exhibitions held in the two aforementioned Centers and met with support and encouragement of visitors. Most of their products were sold. As the Society’s experience in those departments was successful and met with acceptance from parents and students with disabilities themselves, the Society decided to establish a specialized center that provides vocational rehabilitation services for students over the age of eighteen.

Details of the Rehabilitation Center (under construction)  

Location: The Vocational Rehabilitation Center is located in Gharnata, Block 3.Area: The area of the land on which the project will be built is 15000 square meters.As for the building area, it is 10384.6 square meters, equivalent to 70% of the land area.The building consists of the ground and first floors with a basement for services and accommodation for employees.

The building includes: 

Classrooms, training workshops, shops for selling products of professional rehabilitation departments, a unit for physical therapy, a multi-purpose hall, a restaurant, a theater and a library, in addition to rooms for evaluation and behavior correction, sensory rooms, a Makaton room for language communication, an administration unit and accommodation for employees. It is surrounded by a vast area of gardens, playgrounds and car parking. 

Total cost of the project: 

The cost of the building construction is estimated at six million dinars and the period of completion is approximately two and a half years from the date of starting execution of the project. 

Estimated cost to complete a unit: The Society sought with its previous projects to register names of donors on the units and facilities for which they donate cost resources and the attachment shows  estimated value of various facilities ... We hope that donations of benefactors will contribute to completing this edifice that will be used by students over the age of eighteen as their freedoms have been restricted to staying at home due to the lack  of service suitable for them.

Estimated cost to complete a unit Name of a unit/ facility Number of units Value of a unit/ facility
1 Main entrance 1 120,000.000
2 Training workshops 4 120,000.000
3 Classrooms 20 60,000.000
4 Theatre and lecture hall 1 300,000.000
5 Daily reception hall 1 150,000.000
6 Sport activity hall 2 150,000.000
7 Dining hall 2 100,000.000
8 Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy unit 6 90,000.000
9 Administration unit 2 150,000.000
10 VIP hall 1 150,000.000
11 Mosque 2 80,000.000
12 Therapeutic swimming pool 1 150,000.000
13 Library 1 120,000.000
14 Resources and equipment room for Makaton communication program 1 70,000.000
15 Daily training hall 1 70,000.000
16 Behavior correction unit 2 110,000.000
17 Puppet theatre 1 60,000.000
18 Sports playgrounds 1 150,000.000
19 Medical clinic 1 30,000.000
20 Dental clinic 1 90,000.000
21 Doctor’s room 1 30,000.000
22 Evaluation room 1 30,000.000
23 Speech therapy room 1 30,000.000
24 Social worker unit 1 30,000.000
25 Psychologist unit 1 30,000.000