Vocational Training


Vocational training is designed to include specialized workshops that aim to develop abilities for life and to empower people with disabilities to be effective members of society.

Computer Science
Children are trained on using computers, creating different cards, printing brochures and flyers.

Photocopying and Lamination
Students are trained on the use of regular and colored copy machines, making copies of various sizes, cleaning out the machines and using lamination equipment.

Students are trained on selecting the types of wood, names of tools, methods of use, as well as the correct way of cutting and sawing. They are then instructed on assembling the pieces and painting them.

Students are taught to disassemble and re-assemble pieces of furniture, to carry out tapestry work on chairs and sets as well as to add the necessary accessories.

This program introduces the children to sewing kits, ways of use, various stitches and embroidery work, in addition to teaching them how to make bedspreads, quilts, dolls and puppets. They are also trained on decorating these items using different materials such as beads, crystals, colored ribbons. They also learn how to make sets for kitchens, children’s bedrooms etc.

Children are trained on handling thermal clay and acquainted with the tools used in making pots, in addition to preparing the clay, shaping it and flattening it out. They are also taught how to manually produce pottery items, to color the pots and to use pottery kilns.

Laundry (Washing and Ironing)
Children undergo training on utilizing various automatic washing machines and dryers, as well as learning how to iron clothes regularly or using steam irons.

Arts and Crafts
Students are trained to use various materials and supplies for the production of accessories, bags, lamps, gift boxes, bathroom and kitchen sets, etc.